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Show Notes: Curb Appeal Tips You Can Do

By on August 13, 2016
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It’s National Curb Appeal Month and we have some easy projects that will add the final touches to your beautiful home you may not have thought about, 


House Designed To Split In Two For A Divorce! 

It’s easier than moving out

A new home design will ensure that your house breaks exactly when your heart does.

Dutch design and engineering firm Studio OBA has conceived of a floating house that will divide in two when its occupants break up. The aptly-named “prenuptial housing” is composed of two separate units that fit seamlessly together. When a couple feels themselves growing distant, they can detach the two units and literally drift apart.

The home is the brainchild of Amsterdam native Omar Kbiri, who came up with the idea as he was hunting for a home with his love.

“A lot of the people around us came up with the horror stories of break-ups and divorces,” Kbiri told HuffPost in an email. “What happens with mortgages, taxes and needing to find something new quick…moving back in with your parents, even. So I thought, ‘Why isn’t there a house that is built for that?’”

Kbiri teamed up with Studio OBA to turn his idea into a full-fledged design. Inspired by Amsterdam’s canals, Kbiri and Studio OBA decided on a floating home, which would make detaching the two units quicker and easier. Now, the team is in talks with resellers in Germany, China, the U.K. and the U.S. about the possibility of creating a physical product.

And good news: In the event of a couple’s reconciliation, the house can be put back together again.

“It’s made to fit back together again,” Kbiri said. “Or to be able to let a newfound love fit in.”


August Is National Curb Appeal Month

Easy Improvements Anyone Can Do 

Camouflage An Eyesore

Leave it to that huge electrical box, piping, and wires to ruin the aesthetics of your home. Paint anything that stands out the same color as your house and they are a lot less noticeable and painful on the eyes.

Hide Your Air Conditioner

It serves it purpose, but it’s not something anyone wants to look at. Not only that, but a lot of times it’s in violation of the HOA to have it visible from the street. I really like the little lattice fence idea, and you might only need just one small side of paneling depending on where your air conditioner is. Or, maybe even a really large, potted bushy plant instead?

Mailbox Makeover

The mailbox is literally the first impression of your home, and because it is so small, it could be as simple as an afternoon project to get it looking like it came straight out of a luxury home catalog. Try a cast stone post surround that can be placed over a 4×4 wooden post, so it’s much easier than it looks!

Build A Pergola

You could build a pergola on just about any part of the house where you want to add a little bit of character. It even looks nice without the vines, but you can’t go wrong with adding a touch of greenery.

Easy Carriage Style Garage Doors

Did you know there is a hardware kit made for this? Too cool! It certainly brings life and character to an otherwise mundane garage. Nothing beats a cheap and easy home project that makes such a big difference.

Hide Your Hose

They actually make a pot for this! I suppose the only difference is there’s a small hole for the hose in the back so it can be connected to the water faucet. What a fantastic way to keep it out of sight yet easy to access and use. I’m also really digging the idea of keeping one hidden in a storage bench — build one or just drill a hole large enough to fit your hose in the back of an already existing one.

Keep The Trash Bins Hidden

This is one of my biggest pet peeves — when big, ugly trash cans are visible from the street, sometimes open with trash bags peeking out of the top. If you are forced to keep your trash where it can easily be seen from the street (or from anywhere really), put up a small fence, or perhaps even build (or buy) a garbage can storage shed. I think even a few lattice panels would do the job.



According to the Family Handyman’s September 16, 2016 issue

Cheese is not on any mouse’s to 10 list. They will eat it if there is nothing else. The best baots are actually peanut butter and bacon, or a blend of peanut butter and bacon grease. Mice can’t resist the smell or taste.


Give Your Old Fence A Fresh Facelift

Add distinctive character and beauty to your yard

Paint is well known as the interior decorator’s best friend. Outdoors as well, simply apply a coat or two of paint to give your fence a speedy and relatively inexpensive facelift. Just be sure to check manufacturer’s instructions and choose the right paint type for your fencing material.

Foliage can refresh a tired-looking fence or cover up unsightly chain link or cinder block. Plant a fast-growing hedge like dark green, lush Leylandii (which increases in height as much as 3 feet per year!) or a quickly-sprouting vine species like non-invasive types of honeysuckle (MAJOR FRINGE BENEFIT: these dainty flowers produce a sweet smell that will attract hummingbirds to your yard), supported by your fencing.

Flowerpots will complement your fence rather than completely covering it, so hang them on fencing which is in basically good condition but just needs a little “something extra” to doll it up. Fill the pots with bright scarlet or fuchsia geraniums.

Imaginative wall art is super trendy right now … and who says interior walls have to get all the attention? Bling your fence by festooning it with pallet signs, mosaics, wreaths, or pretty repurposed bits and bobs from the thrift shop or garage sale.

Lighting mounted in your fence post caps gives a lovely ambiance to your property by night. It will welcome guest to your front door and impart an extra-special atmosphere to your outdoor entertaining on balmy summer evenings. Choose LED or solar-powered lights.


Are You An Appliance Abuser? 

Change your bad habit, it may save you money 

Don’t slam doors

Slamming washer or dryer doors can break switches, which are expensive to replace. 

You can rationalize all you want about why you drop or slam the lid or door to your washer or dryer (your hands are full, you’re in a hurry, etc.), but your appliances don’t care. So forget the excuse and know this: If you continually drop or slam the lid to your washer or dryer (top or front load), you’re going to break the lid/ door switch. That’ll cost you about $175. That’s right—you can avoid this repair by lowering the lid and gently closing the door.

Avoid sticky gaskets

Keep fridge gaskets clean to prevent tearing and to assure a tight door seal. 

If you keep your refrigerator door gaskets clean, they’ll seal properly and last the life of the fridge. But if you let sticky foods like syrup and jam build up on the door gasket, they’ll glue the gasket to the frame. Pulling harder on a stuck door eventually tears the gasket, and that’ll cost you about $150 (up to $300 on some brands). Plus, if the door doesn’t seal properly, the fridge has to run longer, and that’ll boost your electric bill. Clean the door gasket with warm water and a sponge. Don’t use detergents; they can damage the gasket.




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