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Show Notes: Countdown to a Kitchen Remodel & Ants

By on April 11, 2015
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If time and wear have taken it’s toll on your kitchen and you are dreaming about a a new kitchen or just a simple kitchen facelift,  James and Morris have non nonsense planning tips for your kitchen project. It’s spring….. ants are mobilizing for a full on march into your home! Stop them in their tracks with our simple non toxic solution.


HOUZZ Survey Finds Kitchens Outlast Most Marriages

For the majority of homeowners, the relationship with their kitchen is a significant long-term commitment to both function and aesthetics, one that can last 30 years or more. According to the 2014 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Remodeling Survey, 25 percent of those choosing to remodel have kitchens that are more than 30 years old, and another 41 percent are updating kitchens that are anywhere from 16 to 30 years old. Houzz found that most kitchens last two to four times longer than the typical U.S. marriage (eight years) and duration of car ownership (nearly six years).


Simple Tips For Planning a Timeless Kitchen 

Plan Ahead

Are you going to stay in your home? Will you be growing a family, or aging in place? Include design features that allow the kitchen to be convenient and easy to use. Be sure to include appliances that will fit your needs and lifestyle.

“A Place For Everything”

The biggest complaint about kitchens we get when planning a new kitchen is: “There is not enough storage space”. Be sure there is adequate space for food storage, cookware, dishes and any other essential items you like to store in your kitchen.

Make it Bright

Be sure your design includes good task lighting everywhere. You can always add dimmers to control lighting; it is expensive to add lighting after the fact, if you don’t have enough.

Be Practical

Select good quality cabinets, countertops and flooring that will hold up to the use and abuse a normal kitchen encounters.

Don’t Be “Trendy”

Color and fashion trends last a little over a year and re-cycle in about 20 years, the same is true with kitchen trends. Keep it simple, keep it clean and it will never look dated.



Kitchen Refresher Course

If a new kitchen is not in the budget, refresh what you have.

Start by cleaning your cabinets inside and out. Before you put every thing back into the freshly cleaned cabinets get rid of anything that is broken or you no long use. This will make some extra storage space.

If a cabinet is difficult to access, add a new cabinet accessory like a pull out. These are available at most big box stores or on line.

For a quick new cabinet look, change the door and drawer pulls or add them if you don’t currently have hardware.

Improve your existing overhead lighting. Cleaning the fixtures and change the old compact fluorescents to new LED bulbs. If you have dark spots in the kitchen, add some light with plug in under cabinet fixtures that puts light directly onto your work surface.

Wash the windows, clean all the appliances, scrub that floor, then sit back and enjoy your new fresh kitchen!


Watch Out For Ants

It’s time again for ants. Springtime is the start of ant season and they will soon be searching your home for food crumbs, water and a home! If you notice ants flocking to a particular area of your home, track down the nest.

Inspect the foundation for mounds of sand, or look for ants in and around exposed wood. If there are tree branches lying against your walls or the roof of your home that could be a perfect highway to your home.

Say goodbye to those pesky ants with this non toxic remedy:  mix boric acid with flour and sugar, add a little water and make a paste. Cut drinking straws into one inch lengths and fill with the damp paste. Put the filled straws in areas where you have seen the ants. The ants will carry the substance back to their nest, eat it and die, taking out the nest as well.


Kitchen Planner App


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