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Show Notes: Bathroom Boo Boos & Insulation

By on May 16, 2015


This week’s show was all about bathrooms, insulation and lighting. With a little help from James and Morris, you can avoid major bathroom remodeling boo boos. Our guests: Tommy Herren, The Lighting Geek and David Smith with Roxul, shared their knowledge on lighting and the best insulation you can buy!

The Lighting Geek:

Roxul Insulation:

Roxul Contest:


How Much Do TV Houses Cost? 

To estimate the cost of famous TV homes, real estate site Trulia looked at current prices of houses with the same number of bedrooms, in the same neighborhoods. Now keep in mind that where a show is set isn’t always where it was filmed:

The Brady Bunch house in North Hollywood, California value is

Though the interiors were shot in a studio, the real hose used for the exterior has only 2 bedrooms. Not nearly enough for the Brady Bunch!

Claire Dumphy’s Modern Family home in West Los Angeles.
The owners were paid a fee for filming the exterior shots. The sold the home for $2,150,000 in 2014.

The Carmela Soprano’s home in N. Caldwell, NJ is a cool $1,700,000



Bath Remodeling Boo Boos

Floors That Are Too Slippery
Ice skating is fun on the ice, but not on the bath floor. Tile or vinyl that is very shinny and slick will get slicker when it’s wet. When you are shopping for your flooring, take a bottle of water with you and put some on you hand then run it across the tile or vinyl. If your hand slips, move on.

Not Enough Light
Bathrooms were not meant to be caves. Be sure to provide adequate lighting for daily grooming. A tubular skylight is a cost effective alternative to adding a full-blown skylight if there is no window in the bath or it is a naturally dark room.

Noisy Bath Fans
If you have a noisy bath fan and are trying to save money by not installing a new state of the art quiet bath fan, stop your remodel now. Just picture showing off your beautiful new bath by the music of a noisy fan! Have I changed you mind?

Bad Paint Job
Have you ever been in a bathroom where old flaws in the walls were painted over? Take a little extra time to repair the holes, dents and layers of paint chips that will show right through the new layer of paint. Make sure all holes are filled and smooth, if you paint over the patching bumps you might as well put a spot light on them!

Home Improvement Month Starts in the Bathroom

Ready to tackle some projects during Home Improvement Month in May? Industry experts recommend focusing on a room you spend a great deal of time in — the bathroom.

“Many homeowners don’t realize how much time they actually spend in their bathroom,” says Gary Pember with Mansfield Plumbing. “Usually it’s the first room we walk into in the morning and the last one at night.
“Transforming an outdated bathroom into a relaxing in-home retreat can bring many rewards for homeowners. Along with creating a comfortable place where you can unwind at the end of a long day, a bathroom makeover adds resale value to your home for the future.”
Pember recommends starting a bathroom home improvement project by evaluating the current condition of your plumbing fixtures and cabinets. “This may be the year to replace outdated fixtures with newer products that have more features and benefits, like a SmartHeight toilet or a soaking tub,” says Pember. “There are a wide variety of impressive options to choose from, including chromatherapy mood light systems, thermotherapy heated backrests and in-line heaters that keep water heated perfectly. Any of these will enhance your bathing experience.”
As you’re evaluating your bathroom, make sure to look at your windows. If they’re located over a bathtub or too close to your neighbor’s home, now’s the time to replace them with acrylic block or decorative glass privacy windows.
“People crave privacy in their bathrooms,” says Laura Sikes with Hy-Lite. “One way to get that, while still allowing in natural sunlight, is to install obscure privacy windows. Available in an array of styles, these windows allow light into the room while preventing peeping eyes from seeing in while you’re bathing or preparing for your day.
“The really good news is that decorative glass and acrylic block windows come in both operable and fixed styles, so you’re not sacrificing the ability to gain fresh air in your bathroom when selecting these privacy windows.”
To accent and upgrade the look of your bathroom, consider installing polyurethane trim, moulding and millwork. Because these products resist moisture, there’s no warping of the pieces, no matter how steamy your shower gets!
“On a limited budget you can give your bathroom an elegant facelift with mouldings around the ceiling and mirrors,” says Anita Piety with Fypon. “This practical product is lightweight and easy to install. Whether adding a set of pilasters to flank a shower stall or chair rail and baseboard around the room, polyurethane pieces help give your bathroom a fast, elegant transformation.”


How Much Would You Spend for a Midrange Bath Remodel? 


RESALE VALUE: $11,77.00

This is a national average cost to update an existing 5-by-7-foot bathroom. Replace all fixtures to include 30-by-60-inch porcelain-on-steel tub with 4-by-4-inch ceramic tile surround; new single-lever temperature and pressure-balanced shower control; standard white toilet; solid-surface vanity counter with integral sink; recessed medicine cabinet with light; ceramic tile floor; vinyl wallpaper. This is a best case budget, but always be prepared to find an unexpended surprize  like water damage. Damage repairs will add to the cost of the bath remodel.


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