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Shop for Yard Equipment Like a Pro

By on March 17, 2018
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Are you itching to get outside and do some yard work, you’re waiting for the weather to clear up? Well, nothing rains on your proverbial parade more than not having the right equipment for the job.

Fortunately, you have the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute’s list of things to know when shopping for outdoor equipment.

Start with a plan of attack. Map out your yard, include everything from the lawn, to the trees, bushes, and play equipment.

Next, generate a list on the map that shows everything that requires maintenance. Note what items need specialized tools, especially if it’s a tool you don’t currently own.

After that, pull out every yard maintenance tool you already own. Run anything that has an engine and operate anything that has moving parts. Use a penetrating product, like WD-40 or PB Blaster, to loosen up rusted parts.

Now, make a list of every tool that needs to be replaced or upgraded. Upgrading older tools can cost you more upfront but save you time and energy, or “sweat equity” as my father-in-law refers to it, in the long run.

Finally, do your research online and talk to the professionals at local hardware stores. You may be able to find the deal you’re looking for or learn that there is a better tool for the job out there.

Once you have done all of this, you are now a prudent buyer, and can make an informed decision on what equipment you will be spending your money on.

Remember, there is no better way to throw away money than not taking care of your tools. Read through your manuals and be sure to complete the maintenance cycles that each tool requires.

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