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Rustproof staples

By on May 11, 2014

Got rusty staples staining your paint on wood window-screen frames, outdoor furniture or where you hang strings of holiday lights?

If so, you need special rustproof staples. They’re good for places where you have a lot of moisture (anything outdoors or things Marine, like boat upholstery).

Here pros use a special type of rustproof staples called monel. It’s a unique metal blend of 66 percent nickel and 33 percent copper that is totally resistant to regular moisture, pervasive salt water and even hydrochloric acid. It won’t rust or leave unsightly black stains like regular steel staples do when exposed to weather. If you have need of fasteners that won’t rust corrode or exhibit galvanic reactions outdoors or at sea, look for rustproof monel staples. It’s not a brand name, but rather a type offered by most major staple manufacturers. Ask for it when moisture is a problem and rust is a concern.

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