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Resurfacing Your Countertop With Ease

By on May 3, 2014

In kitchen remodeling, resurfacing has become a popular option as homeowners discover don’t replace; re-face! What started as cabinet refacing soon became new face panels for appliances as well. After that, add-on flooring came into vogue, with edges that snapped-together and floated above existing kitchen floors.

More recently, resurfacing existing countertops has become popular. At first, ceramic tile was installed over plastic laminates. Now a revolutionary technique transforms tired old counters into gleaming granite in just two or three days for about 2/3 what true granite costs! This new material is 95 percent genuine granite, ground and blended with polymer resin that is formed into large slabs only one-quarter inch thick. It is then installed right over existing counters for a ‘real granite’ look. It’s heat, stain and scratch resistant, never needs sealing, and (unlike real granite) carries a 10-year warranty. Interested? Check

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