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Replacing Wooden Gutters with New

By on March 26, 2014


My home is a 62-year-old Dutch Colonial. The wooden gutters must be replaced. Should I use vinyl, aluminum or steel, and who can I call for a price?



We strongly recommend galvanized sheetmetal (GSM). And, we do it for several reasons! GSM is abundant. This means more businesses are available to install and repair the material, making it cost-effective. Chances are, again because of availability, it will probably not be difficult to have repairs made 60, or even a 100, years from now. GSM is sturdy, and in our experience, seems to hold up better than other products. Most importantly, several different standard styles and sizes are available “off the shelf”. This will be important in matching your current architecture. Look in the Yellow Pages under “Heating Contractor” or “Sheetmetal Contractor”. This kind of work is their forte.And finally, make sure you paint the gutters inside and out. Use Echoprime undercoat first. It cuts through surface oils resulting from the manufacturing process, and will help bond the paint properly.

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