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Protect Your Cell Phone

By on May 24, 2014

Cell phones are handy, but you could easily wreck yours if it’s used and kept near your workplace, and you don’t protect it. Today, you’ll learn how to keep your phone free of paint splatters, water, sawdust or grease.

You can keep your cell phone clean and dry by putting it inside a “zipper-type” plastic bag. For small phones, use the snack size. For larger ones, sandwich bags work well. For flip phones, open the cover first, and then bag ’em. It won’t matter if hands are covered with paint or grease or are dripping wet when you answer. Your phone will stay clean and you’ll hear and be heard like it isn’t even there.

It offers total waterproof protection, too, even if it falls in the hot tub or pool. It’s fitting we bring this your way because the “Zipper” was patented on this very day in 1913. 

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