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The Perfect Caulking Technique Pt.2

By on May 9, 2014

When you apply caulk, is the bead uneven and bumpy? Lumpy like a string of pearls? In this part of our series on caulking technique, we tell you how and why pros are “smooth” applicators. In a perfect world, caulk would come out in a smooth straight line and go exactly where you want it.

However, caulk is a tricky substance that oozes and snakes out at will. The result is a bead that looks like it was done with one’s eyes closed. While there are manipulating tools for repositioning and smoothing caulk, the best tool of choice among pros and amateurs alike is their finger.

Before doing it, professionals moisten their finger by licking it. This keeps the caulk from sticking to their skin and leaves a smooth surface on their bead. If the taste of caulk isn’t to your liking, moisten your finger with other lubricants like mineral oil. You even can spritz some WD-40 and turn “finger lookin’ good” into “finger smoothin’ that looks good”.

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