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One Tool Does it All

By on December 6, 2013

Thus far we have given you a basic insight into what all multi-tools will do. Thus, to this point one would assume that all multi-tools are basically alike. But this is where Ridgid leaves the rest behind. The Ridgid multi-tool is unbelievably cool. It leads the pack. When we use it on a job site the other workers are always amazed at how different it is from all the rest. We’re talking about Ridgid Tool Company’s very unique multi-tool, the JobMax. A typical multi-tool is a cucumber shaped oscillating motor with its operating tip located at the end where various blades can be attached for cutting and sanding.

The JobMax doesn’t end with cutting and sanding. That’s because the cutting/sanding head can be interchanged with a myriad of other attachments. They include: a jigsaw attachment, a reciprocating saw attachment, a right angle drill/driver attachment, an auto hammer attachment, and an electric ratchet attachment. The accessories run about $60 each and having them all allows both handyman and contractor alike to eliminate the need for several bulky tools. Simply slip the needed attachment onto the power handle, press the two-finger, variable speed trigger and go! The tool has an on-board light (our weak old eyes really appreciate that) and the tool is amazingly powerful at 3 amps.

We routinely cut wallboard, plywood, dimensional lumber and nails and we love how easy it is to change attachments – no tools necessary. Press two recessed buttons at once and the head is released from the power handle. Next, simply snap on the next attachment. Each attachment can be snapped into place in any of for directional positions allowing better access to the work. Believe us when we say that this particular feature is invaluable. It allows us to be able to see the cut line and the blade at the same time and from any position (above, below, to the side) while having the on-board light shining directly onto the work AND with the trigger in a comfortable position. When we were kids our dad had a Ridgid hand operated pipe threader, which we inherited. There is nothing like having a quality tool that will last for generations. Being brothers there are times when minor arguments do occur. This happens most often when both of us need to use the JobMax at the same time. He should buy his own JobMax. Don’t you agree!

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