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Old Countertop With a Fresh New Look

By on May 13, 2014

A new tile countertop might sound like a budget-buster, but there is an affordable alternative.

Simply install tile right over the existing laminate countertop. Start by removing the sink and protecting the front of the cabinets with a layer of heavy paper or cardboard. Next, use a circular saw to cut off the round over front edge and the splash at the rear.

Any uneven spots can be smoothed out with a handsaw, or a belt sander and some coarse paper. The entire top should be lightly sanded to help create a better bond for the tile adhesive. Install the tile in a thinset adhesive, applied with a grooved trowel.

After the tile has set overnight, it can be grouted using a rubber grout float and a damp sponge. Buff out the remaining haze with a soft, dry cloth and reinstall the sink. It isn’t as difficult or expensive as you thought.

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