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Notes on Notes for Gardening

By on April 21, 2014

In 1863 Abe Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg address. The two-minute speech is considered one of the most eloquent ever. Lincoln made it easy by writing things down, making notes as he went along. Take a page out of Abe’s book.

Instead of trying to remember dates for gardening chores, jot down all tasks on a yearly calendar. Every December, transfer them over to the next year. Also set up an expandable file to keep all instructions, notes and articles organized and handy.

Then make a month-by-month garden journal notebook, listing jobs to be done each month with detailed notes on what to do. You’ll never have to ask again “When do I fertilize the lawn?” “Do I prune when the leaves are green or gone?” “Should I spread some compost or just hoe?”

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