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New Owner / Older Home

By on February 14, 2014
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Are you the new owner of an older home? Want to make changes? Wondering if you’re alone? Today you’ll learn what other new owners of older homes do.

Here are the most common changes made by new owners of older homes: remove old-fashioned cottage cheese ceilings; tear up the carpet and replace it with hardwood floors; upgrade kitchens and baths; add new fixtures, surfaces and appliances; and replace cheap metal slider windows with upgraded vinyl-clad or wood models (often making them bigger.)

Other changes include replacing sliding glass doors with French doors, enlarging closets (or making them more efficient with organizational cabinetry systems), creating more storage space (either with pull-down attic access ladders or built-in shelves and cabinets in the garage), removing walls to open the kitchen and living areas, expanding bedrooms to create master bedroom suites, and creating outdoor living space for relaxing and entertaining.

If some or all of these match your wish list, you’re not alone…you’re just the new owner of an older home.

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