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Is It Microwave Safe?

By on January 3, 2014

How to test a cup or plate to make sure it’s microwave safe!

Family Feud started on television in 1976. Today, if you want to avoid starting another family feud at your house, it pays to know if a certain cup or plate is food-heating ready and microwave safe; otherwise, you could destroy a matched set plate or fracture Grandma’s heirloom bone china teacup. So from deep within the Carey Brothers vault of a sure-fire way to test your stuff, we show you how to avoid blowing things up!

Indeed, it says here that if you’re not sure if a dish or cup is microwave safe and you’re not up for a bit of trial and error, you can test it by leaving it empty and placing it in the microwave along with a measuring cup filled with water. Heat both for one minute at the highest power and check the temperature of each one. If the dish or cup is cold and the water is hot, it’s microwave safe, but if both are hot it’s not! In that case, just gently put it away and consider yourself lucky or smart!

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