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Make a Statement with Designer Grout

By on October 16, 2018

Grout has traditionally been seen as the means to fill the gaps between tiles for a finished look while also keeping moisture from getting beneath tiles, and protecting tile edges from damage. Beyond basic utilitarian functionality, today’s grout has evolved to become a design element that can transform any tile installation from simple to stunning.

While white, gray and beige have been the go-to colors for grout for several decades, grout is now available in a variety of other hues – from classic neutrals and soft pastels to bright chromatic hues and metallic looks.

Colored grout is trending in particular in kitchens and baths, as it offers an unexpected – and easy – way to create visual interest within a space. Whether used for a shower surround or new tile backsplash, or to re-grout existing tile work, this “designer” grout can be used to create a one-of-a-kind design effect with minimal financial investment.

Litokol Starlike® grout, one of the newest colored grouts on the market, comes in more than 150 colors and finishes, significantly expanding design options. Epoxy-based and non-porous, the grout is chemical and water-resistant, and won’t stain, fade or enable mold or mildew to form. It can be used anywhere that standard grout is used, including in pools and other outdoor applications.

Living in Color

To add visual interest to a tile project, consider pairing neutral-hued tiles with grout in cool shades such as blues or greens. Blue tones work well with grays and beiges and add the right balance of color without overwhelming a space.

If a more dramatic effect is desired, choose a brighter colored grout – for example, red or orange – and pair it with beige or white tile. For a sophisticated, high contrast look – pair bold chromatic hues with dark gray or black tile.

Litokol Starlike grout

Adding Some Sparkle and Shine

For a layered dimensional look, opt for a shimmering grout. Available in shades of gold, bronze, silver and pewter, metallic grout imparts an elegant, luxe look that accentuates mosaics, backsplashes, walls and shower enclosures.

When working with fine glass tiles, consider using jewel-inspired grout, which has been designed to emulate precious and semi-precious jewels – for example, Amethyst, Jade, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire and Tigers Eye.

Litokol Starlike grout

A recently introduced diamond-based grout can – when used in a shower surround – literally enable you to ‘shower yourself with diamonds’. The grout consists of a mix of fine diamond aggregate along with authentic diamonds in various shapes that – when applied to glass tiles – creates a multi-dimensional effect that refracts light for a dramatic appearance.

Litokol Starlike grout

A more subtle, but equally eye-catching, look can be achieved by using crystal glass grout, a translucent grout designed to reflect and refract light so that it takes on the color of glass tile.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these latest iterations of grout require no sealing, are crack-resistant, and are safe for kids, pets and the environment.

Watch a short video showcasing tile applications using Starlike grout.

Regrout for an Easy Tile Update

When installed properly, tile rarely needs to be replaced as a result of performance issues or wear and tear. In fact, tile typically remains in a home for 17 years before it is replaced. Most homeowners decide to change out their tile only when renovating their home or if they’re ready for a significant change.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to completely replace tile work to achieve a brand new look. New grouting options make it possible to take an existing tile installation with white or beige grout and regrout it with colored, metallic grout or jewel-like grout.

Litokol Starlike grout

Tile Projects Re-Envisioned

Making the choice to use colored or sparkling grout makes it possible to bring ordinary tile projects to life in unexpected and dramatic ways.

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