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Leak In A Sewer Line In A Crawl Space

By on September 2, 2015

Question: Recently, I had a leak in a sewer line in a crawl space under my house. That leak has been repaired with the help of a sewer line repair company and I thought I cleaned up thoroughly, but whenever I turn on my air system, we can smell sewage. How can I get rid of the smell? (Bill, Cottonwood Falls KS).

Answer: Go back to the crawlspace and make sure that you have cleaned all visible surface residue left by the leak. By the way, it is wise to dig down about a foot or so in the area where the sewage ponded. Once that’s done, thoroughly soak the entire are with pure bleach to kill bacteria and the smell it leaves. Make sure to take proper precautions when using bleach and other cleaning materials in a closed space. Cover the bleached area with a 60-pound bag or two of powdered lime. You will also want to check for any damaged ducts in your air system, and you may want to consider having a contractor do a professional cleaning of the ducts. They have special machines designed for this purpose.

If there are any damages on your sewer lines, you may look for a company that offers Trenchless Sewer Lateral Repair services. This way, there won’t be a need to dig up the pipes or remove a portion of your crawl space.

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