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Kitchen of the Future (in Boston)

By on January 3, 2014

The future’s kitchens built in Boston

Gene Roddenberry who created “Star Trek,” one of TV’s greatest science fiction series, was born in 1921. Futuristic kitchens have also long been fiction; that is until this year, when dreams and fiction became real working science. A kitchen-of-the-future test program was officially announced at the Kitchen and Bath Show, and is taking place now in 20 real homes in Boston using the latest high-tech appliance innovations from such giants as Whirlpool, Sears and IBM.

It includes a mind-boggling array of programmable self-diagnostic Internet and Web-enabled gadgetry – all designed to make life easier. There’s a refrigerated oven that keeps food cold all day then switches over and cooks it to deliver a piping hot meal when you get home. And, that’s just for starters.

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