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Kitchen-counter Cutting Boards

By on June 26, 2014
laminate kitchen cabinets

Many kitchens have built-in cutting boards that soon start looking grungy. Besides getting ugly, they become hard to clean and can be a health hazard. If that’s what you’ve got, here’s what to do.

There are two types of built-in cutting boards: one is flush-mounted in the countertop, the other slides into a slot under the counter. But “built-in” doesn’t mean you’re stuck.

All you have to do is remove the old cutting board and sand it down until all surface cuts are gone and fresh new inner wood is exposed. Use an electric sander in the direction of the grain. If you don’t have one, take it to your local cabinet shop and have them sand it down for a few bucks. When done, apply a coat of mineral oil and let it soak in. Your kitchen work area will look like new. With a little mineral oil from time to time, it’ll stay looking that way.

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