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Be a (Killer) Bee Survivor

By on February 18, 2014

In summer we’re outdoors a lot — in the yard, on picnics, hiking and camping. Places where it’s easy to accidentally disturb a beehive.It can be serious when bees attack in numbers.

And, a new, tougher bee has evolved.These killer bees are spreading fast. They anger quicker, will chase you farther and sting many more times per incident.

You can spot, avoid and survive killer bees the same way you do less-violent common honeybees. According to a bee removal expert, fill open cracks with steel wool or caulk. Cover larger holes with window screen. Expect to find bees in holes in trees or in wood or rock piles, under picnic tables, in drain pipes, sheds and water meters. Watch for bee activity and listen for buzzing that tells a hive is near. Watch children and keep pets on a leash.

If you are attacked don’t flail, run or hide in a bush. Outdoors be careful and be a bee survivor.

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