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Homemade Pest Control Remedies That Really Work

By on April 14, 2018
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As you know, I am a brand-new father and as such, I’m cautious about everything. I’m sure this will change with time and additional children, but as of right now, everything is organic, and Beethoven and Mozart are on repeat 24/7.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered squatters in my home. That’s right. Pests that don’t pay their fair share of the bills. What kind of pests you ask? Ants!

Immediately I thought to go out and buy the best of the best pest killer. You know, the stuff that’s basically chemical warfare grade. Something that’ll scare those darn things into never coming back.

But then I thought about my sweet baby girl.

I don’t want her inhaling all of that nonsense. So, I did a little research and found Hometalk’s list of homemade pest control remedies and here are a few:


Garlic and Mint Pest Remover:

Blend a mix of garlic and mint.

Add cayenne pepper, dish soap, and water.

Bring it all to a boil.

After your solution has cured overnight, you have yourself an outdoor pest deterrent that won’t kill your garden!

Apple Cider Vinegar Trap:

Take an old bottle with a funnel shaped top and add some apple cider vinegar and a few chopped up apples. Place this in the kitchen or dining room to trap pesky fruit flies.

Dust Mite Oil Repellent:

Got dust mites? Add lavender or eucalyptus oil to a spray bottle and gently mist your bed.

Mites will steer clear of your bed now because they hate the smell that much.

Coffee Grounds Ant Trap:

Love coffee and hate ants? Me too.

Use your old coffee grounds around the house as a way to get rid of ants. Coffee grounds are fatal to ants.

For those dealing with critters and animals that are extremely hard to get rid of may need to contact an animal removal company.



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