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Home Makeover for Top Dollar Sale

By on May 11, 2014

Planning to sell your home? It’s a very good market at present for doing so. Prices are up, buyers are out there — many with lots of cash. And mortgage companies want to make loans. It’s a seller’s market, with homes going in a flash.

Still, there are six things you should do to get top dollar. Paint inside and out. It returns two to five times its cost.Replace worn carpets — shabby floors bring down the price. Spruce up landscaping to get into model-home condition. Make badly needed repairs. Find the worst things about your house and fix them. Then get a professional home inspection to find and fix flaws that could delay closing the sale. Clean and paint the garage. If it’s full of junk and dirty, it works against you. If it’s clean and bright, it’s a welcome sight. That’s how pros get top dollar in today’s sizzling real estate market.

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