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5 Home Improvement Personality Types – Which are you?

By on April 21, 2018
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A homeowner’s personality can have a big influence on their behavior when it comes to home improvement projects, according to a new survey by the Home Projects Council, a group of home improvement experts that aims to help homeowners improve their property values.


To identify the personality types, the council gave more than 1,100 homeowners a personality test along with a survey about their recent or planned home improvement projects.


The Home Projects Council identified the following five home improvement personality types:


Sensible Improver : 39%

A nurturing homeowner who embraces home improvement project that create a warm and welcome environment.

Includes most Baby Boomers ages 52 -72


Project Planner: 28%

Takes a meticulous approach, thoroughly assesses every situation before committing to a home improvement project regardless of how big or small.

Includes second most Baby Boomers ages 52-70


Reliable Renovator 15%

Takes a laid back approach to home improvement and is most often moved to action when their aging home needs attention.

Ages 70+


 Visionary 13%

Has a curiosity for novel ideas with boundless passion and enthusiasm for up grading their home.

Most millennials ages 21-37


Extrovert 5%

Takes pleasure in completing complex improvement projects that impact their home.

Most Gen X ages 38 -51



Source: http://realtormag.realtor.org/daily-news/2018/04/04/5-home-improvement-personality-types

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