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Help, Strange Odor in Our Mobile Home!

By on August 13, 2015

Question: We live in a mobile home. During the summer, we sometimes smell a strange odor in the bathrooms and under the sink. We checked underneath to make sure there were no dead animals, cleaned the cupboards, and deodorized all the drains, but nothing works. We have a regular discharge pipe and it is not a sewage problem. Kathleen, Endicott, NY

Answer: Though you say you have already checked for dead animals, there may be one spot you missed: under the floor beneath the shower. Smaller animals like rodents can crawl into spaces as small as an inch and become trapped. Check this and any other smaller openings where there is even a remote possibility of a trapped animal, and hopefully you can track down and remove the source of this odor. Once you have located the opening, seal it with a patching compound, expandable foam sealant or caulk.

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