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Gutter Screens vs. Clean Cut

By on July 25, 2014
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We’re often asked if there’s an easy way to deal with leaves in rain gutters. We always answer yes, just move!

However, if you plan to stay where you are and you don’t live in a pine forest loaded with pine needles, we have a solution for plain old leaves. Gutter screens are what you need. Gutter screening material is available in precut widths designed to slide right into place in most brands of prefabricated rain gutters.

Once in place, atop your gutters, they’ll keep out all types of debris, and clogged downspouts will be a thing of the past. All you do is brush them off every so often. Once you get the hang of it and with the right tools, you’ll be doing cleanups from ground level and spending your extra time snoozing in the hammock or watching baseball. But if you’ve got pine needles, you’ll still have to go up on the roof for clean-outs.

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