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Going Gray on Top

By on April 16, 2015

Trending color for rooftops

Home exteriors should take a hint from some of Hollywood’s silver foxes — and go gray on top. That’s the advice of color expert Kate Smith with Sensational Color.

“Gray is the ‘in’ color these days for everything from the hair of sexy actors to luxury cars to homes,” says Smith, chief color maven at Sensational Color. “Women openly sigh over the gorgeous gray locks of George Clooney, Richard Gere and Jon Stewart. And I’ve seen jaws drop on men when they see pictures of Jamie Lee Curtis, Diane Keaton and Blythe Danner. People are embracing gray on top… and this includes the top of the home.”

Smith, a trends color forecaster, recommends homeowners consider adding a bit of sex appeal to the rooftop color trend to grayroofs on their homes with the polymer slate and shake roofing colors light Chesapeake, smokey gray, medium light weathered gray and slate gray. “Grays work so beautifully for the top of the home because they complement nature,” says Smith. “A blend of grays on the roof, like those from DaVinci Roofscapes, sets the visual stage for working from the ‘top down’ to unite the home exterior.

“The great thing about gray is that accent colors really come alive when complemented by gray. A home with a gray roof that has deep hunter green shutters or a pomegranate-colored painted front door has tremendous curb appeal. Even the simple act of putting bright red pots of geraniums on a front porch or in window boxes looks so appealing when offset by a gray roof.”

While most homes look great with gray roofing, Smith believes that Traditional and New American style homes especially lend themselves to gray tops. “The classic aspect of these home designs encourages the use of gray,” says Smith. “Sometimes gray looks great as a weathered color, like on composite shake shingles on a cottage style home. Other times the sleekness of a rich, dark gray brings simple, clean look that’s ideal for a contemporary style home.”

According to Smith, people secure in their surroundings tend to select gray as a roofing color. “These rooftop color trend to grayare homeowners who are confident, conscientious and conventional,” says Smith. “They could be Baby Boomers who are starting to see signs of gray in their own hair or who have achieved success in their careers. Gray is such a chamelion color that it transitions beautifully from the top of the head to the top of the house!”

Homeowners looking for color exterior ideas and inspiration can download two free e-books written by Smith, “FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior” and “5 Steps for Finding the Perfect Color Hues for Your Home” at http://www.davinciroofscapes.com/color-studio.php.

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