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Glue Basics

By on December 30, 2013
Super Glue Bottle

After recording his first song in 1954, Elvis Presley had hundreds of hits – about everything from hound dogs and jail to Hawaii and Heartbreak Hotel. He even sang about glue. If you’re setting up a basic household repair and project kit, and are wondering what types of glues to buy, here are the glues to use to “get a grip” and what you’ll need to make things stick. Whereas there are hundreds to choose from, you can handle most household repairs and projects with only three. For starters, buy some yellow wood glue. For non-wood gluing and smaller tasks, get a bottle of versatile and strong polyurethane glue. And, for still smaller repairs, get a tube or two of “cyano-acry-late” (better known as “super-glue”). With just these three, you’ll have all you’ll need.

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