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Getting The Most Out Of Your Garbage Disposer

By on August 13, 2015

It’s All About Regular Care & Maintenance

The garbage disposer certainly isn’t the most prominent appliance in your kitchen. Tucked away behind a cabinet door and almost entirely out of sight, it’s easily overlooked…except:

1)   When you’re using it — even then, it’s amazing convenience is often taken for granted.

2)    When you can’t use it — it’s only when the disposer’s broken that we realize how much we depend on it.

3)    When you get a whiff of a foul smell emanating from it — caused by rotting food particles and grease that get caught and collect in the disposer and drain.

4)    When the disposer or drain becomes clogged and requires a costly visit from a plumber.

Fortunately, regular care and maintenance can go a long way to keep your disposer operating properly, your drains unclogged and flowing freely — and prevent those foul odors from ever occurring. Regular care will also ensure it’s operating effectively and extend the life of your disposer.

disposer careWeekly Cleaning
The world’s largest manufacturer of garbage disposers, InSinkErator, not only recommends regular cleaning of your disposer, they specify Glisten® Disposer Care.

Made with natural citrus oils and fruit acids, Glisten Disposer Care Disposer and Drain Foaming Cleaner is a once-a-week treatment you simply run through your disposer. Disposer Care’s superior foaming technology clings to the buildup in your disposer, reaches into crevices and the drain pipes — cleaning your entire disposer including the blades, splashguard and sidewalls.

Disposer Care is formulated with bleach alternative — delivering the cleaning power of bleach without the harmful effects. Even the fibers of the patented paper pouch containing the formula are designed to add scrubbing power.

To actually see how Disposer Care works to deep clean your entire system thoroughly and completely, watch this video.

Daily Refreshers
To keep your disposer fresh between deep cleans, Glisten also offers Disposer Care Drain & Disposer Freshener, a daily treatment that rinses away foul odors. Just drop one capsule in to create a burst of lemon freshness in as little as 15 seconds that fills your entire kitchen. And if you want to re-activate the scent, just run the disposer with a splash of warm water. For a closer look at how it works — and why you should use it — check out this video.

If you want to help ensure that your disposer is clean, will perform at maximum efficiency, last longer and smell fresher, use Glisten as part of your regular kitchen cleaning routine.

The Machine Cleaning Experts™
In addition to Disposer Care products, Glisten also makes cleaning products that can maximize the performance and life of your dishwasher, washing machine, and microwave. You can learn more at their website.

And, you can buy Glisten cleaners virtually anywhere, online or at retailers throughout North America.



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