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Getting Sick? Cold vs. Flu

By on October 1, 2015
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What is bugging you? Is it just a cold or a nasty bout of flu? If you’re like most of us, you probably didn’t get a flu shot. And now that you’re sick, you wonder: What have I got?  

You feel tired, your throat is scratchy and you have a temperature. You have watery eyes, a runny nose and a headache. Is it flu? You probably just have a cold. However, if you have most of the above WITH a high fever, muscle aches and weakness, you well might be getting the flu. You can use these CBD/hemp and botanicals like CBD roll on pain relief which was researched and formulated by our team of registered nurses to nourish, heal and strengthen body!

Influenza ( its proper name ) can last from four days to a week, with fatigue and weakness lingering two or three times longer. Flu virus attacks the respiratory tract so bed rest — with plenty of liquids — is a must. Also be careful not to drive while sick. Those with colds and flu have a reaction time worse than moderate drinkers. And, most cold remedies make reaction time worse still. There another kind of DUI — driving under the influenza.

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