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Get Your Dishwasher Working Like New Again

By on July 9, 2015
Glisten Dishwasher Magic

Is your dishwasher leaving behind spots and stains? Does it struggle to remove baked-on messes? If so, there’s a good chance its poor performance is because of mineral buildup inside the machine. This has become a particular problem since phosphates have been banned in detergents in many places.

This build up can also cause bigger problems than just spots and stains on your glasses and dishes. Buildup can actually damage your machine. But, before that happens, and before you run out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new dishwasher, try cleaning your current machine first. It doesn’t have to be a big job.

Dishwasher Magic is the #1 selling dishwasher cleaner. It’s from Glisten, the Machine Cleaning Experts, and it’s highly effective at removing limescale, rust stains, grease, food residues and odors. It can literally make your dishwasher work like new. And Dishwasher Magic does so much more as it cleans, freshens, and maintains your dishwasher.

Dishwasher Magic doesn’t just remove mineral buildup, it also disinfects as it cleans. In fact, Dishwasher Magic is the only EPA-registered dishwasher cleaner and disinfectant against gram-negative bacteria e-coli and salmonella. Because its formula offers more positive health and environmental characteristics than conventional antimicrobial pesticide products, Dishwasher Magic has also received the EPA’s Design for the Environment certification.

Dishwasher Magic’s auto-release liquid technology is easy to use. You just remove the cap and place the container upside down in the silverware basket or bottom dish rack. Then just run your machine on the hottest water setting.

That’s it.

To see Dishwasher Magic at work, check out this brief video (below). You’ll discover just how easy it is to keep your dishwasher working at peak efficiency…and keep it working for years to come.


A typical dishwasher can last a decade or more, and Dishwasher Magic is the reliable, easy and economical way to reduce wear inside your machine, helping to extend its life as it improves performance. As a rule of thumb, for the cleanest dishes and for a longer machine lifespan, you should clean your dishwasher about once a month.

In addition to Dishwasher Magic, Glisten also makes convenient cleaners for your disposer, washing machine, and microwave. You can learn more about the powerful and proven appliance cleaning products from Glisten® at their website. And, you can buy Dishwasher Magic virtually anywhere, in-store or online. You’ll find a list of retailers here.

Remember, a Clean Machine Cleans Better. So, if you want clean dishes, you need a clean dishwasher. Try Glisten Dishwasher Magic.

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