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Gas Pump Avoidance

By on January 3, 2014

For improved mileage, check tires frequently. Low pressure and misalignment waste gas

Surely you’ve noticed gasoline prices are up. We’ve noticed, too. What can we all do about it? Drive less? Car-pool? Stay home? Not likely. Here are a few ways to lower fuel consumption. First, lighten up. Don’t carry unnecessary heavy items around all day. Remove accessory racks when not in use. Wind-resistance wastes gas.

Drive the speed limit and keep passing to a minimum. When you speed up, your car guzzles gas (and you wind up slowing down again a car length or two up the road, anyway). Also, check tires frequently. Low pressure and misalignment waste gas, too. Think your car’s getting lousy mileage? Check it. Record the odometer reading when you fill up. Next time, divide the number of gallons purchased into the number of miles you’ve driven. If it mileage too low, it might be time for a tune-up. Until gas prices come down, go easy on the accelerator.

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