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Gas Exiting Cracks in a Basement Floor

By on March 26, 2014
radon hazards


I have 2 questions. I have cracks in my concrete basement floor from which I believe radon gas is creeping in. What is the best way to seal those cracks?



Joe, before you do anything about that cracked floor — test for radon first. Better yet, have a professional make the test for you. Another reason for contacting a professional: you may need to install a system to exhaust the vapors if the radon is present in a dangerous concentration. The concentration of radon should be checked both before and after the concrete is sealed.
Sealing the cracks in the floor of your basement may be all that you need to do — then again, maybe more work will be needed. Hopefully you will not have to install the exhaust system we mentioned. In any event, use a polyurethane concrete caulk. Remember: you are dealing with simple, old-fashioned gas vapors. There doesn’t seem to be much pressure associated with radon vapors, so pretty much any concrete caulk will do. We have recommended the type that bonds the best and that holds up the longest.

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