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Force Fleas to Flee

By on April 25, 2014

If you’ve got pets that play outdoors, fleas can be a problem. When these little pests come calling, the best way to combat them is to attack on three fronts at once. These three steps will keep the fleas at bay.

First, treat your yard wherever fleas hide. Spray fences, trees, bushes and buildings from waist-high down, with a liquid insecticide made for fleas. Second, de-bug Fido or Fluffy with products made for pets, or let the vet do it. Third, spray or bomb the whole house with products for flea control in living quarters. For best results, repeat the process three weeks in a row. And if you can, or if fleas persist, get neighbors together and do the block all at once. Get rid of rats and mice. They carry fleas. Read and follow all product directions.

Finally, here’s a quickie homespun solution: Put a bunch of banana peels in your yard overnight. In the morning, they’ll have hundreds of fleas. Put them in a plastic bag, toss them out, and say goodbye to the bunch. But watch your step.


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