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Flashing French Doors

By on March 5, 2014
z-bar trim


About a recent article concerning sealing French doors. Either you didn’t understand the inquirer’s question, or you forgot it. You took everyone around the world to get to the answer – a super technical, all but accurate accounting.

My sheet metal contractor read the article at least twice and can’t understand either the question or the answer.

I am left wondering why you include such an article plagiarized from a technical journal.



Like you, we also had a bit of trouble understanding precisely what the problem was. We weren’t sure whether our reader wanted to know about water sealing at the wall-to-door connection, sealing the doors with paint, whether sealing at the doors to the door frames or infiltration control between the door frame and the house frame. But since our readers needs are first and foremost, we decided to cover all the possibilities.We are sorry if you were a little confused. We know that artwork would have made the information easier to understand – we’re working on that improvement right now.

Z-bar head-trim flashing at windows and doors is unmatched as a waterproofing method over doors and windows. Your sheet metal contractor should check with someone in his industry for more information. You’re also right about the plagiarism. We have recently completed a book which addresses these same issues – in greater detail and with the help of artwork. We have discussed the plagiarism and decided not to sue ourselves.

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