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Fixing a Weathered Wooden Fence

By on May 13, 2014

Is the fence on your “home on the range” leaning a little to one side or the other? Have windstorms and a cattle stampede or two taken their toll? If you’ve got a wood fence that’s no longer running straight and true, here’s what to do. Chances are you’ve got a fractured post. Replacing a wood post and the concrete pier that anchors it can be expensive.

However, there is an inexpensive, easy alternative — long u-shaped metal brackets that support a damaged wood post both above ground and well into the concrete pier.

First remove fence boards covering the post, and prop it up straight with a spare board. Dig down to the concrete pier and place a metal sleeve around the post. Using a sledgehammer, drive it down between the wood and concrete, then nail, screw or bolt it to the post. If needed, add another bracket on the other side for maximum strength and holding power. Then replace the fence boards and dirt, and you’ll be running straight and true until the next cattle stampede. Yahoo!

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