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Finding the Best Heater

By on September 27, 2014
choosing a heater to get warm


We bought a thirty-year-old home last August. After surviving one winter (barely), we need some sound advise. Our heating system consists of a standard fireplace and one gas wall heater located at the end of one hall. The house is approximately 1100 square feet. The fireplace does an adequate job if you’re in the living room and the wall furnace does an adequate job if you’re in the back room, but neither seem to keep our home comfortable independently or in combination with one another. The fireplace also tends to discolor the walls with smoke. We are both smokers and would like a recommendation for an air circulation system that might be compatible with a heating system. What type of heating system would your recommend considering these circumstances?



How do you folks feel about wool sweaters? Other than being a little itchy the only real maintenance that you need to be concerned with is an occasional dry cleaning and a little mending now and then. A real plus here too is that a sweater is very energy efficient and repair parts are readily available. (Note: Some rhinestone buttons may be difficult to match). Furthermore, most sweaters are clean-burning and don’t leave the smoke and other residue that are characteristic with most conventional heating systems.If the sweater idea simply doesn’t appeal to you than may we suggest that you consider a gas-fired forced air furnace. Unlike your current wall furnace a forced air furnace will distribute the heated air to all areas of the home via a comprehensive network of ducting. Typically the heating contractor will design and layout the heating system so as to maximize the efficiency of the unit as it relates to the size of the home, the number of rooms, and the relative size of each room.

An added bonus for you with this type of system would be the addition of an electronic air cleaning system which will remove dust and dirt particles from the air.

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