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Fee Fie Faux Fireplaces

By on May 11, 2014
painting your brickface fireplace, Vent-free

Nothing adds warmth and beauty like a crackling fire. But not every home can have a fireplace. Perhaps you live in a high-rise, or you rent, or you plan to move soon and a fireplace just isn’t feasible, practicable or affordable. Well, fret no more.

A new breed of electric fireplaces is here. They look realistic, give off heat — and snap, crackle and pop, just like the real thing. They have beautiful mantels and surrounds, and they plug into any standard outlet. You can be up and entertaining, just like lifestyles of you-know-who — in 10 minutes flat. And, when it’s time to move to another place, unplug it and take it with you. With low-watt consumption and fans for heated air, they rival gas-log- and natural wood-burning fireplaces in almost every way. They flicker and glow, and burn high or low. Just flip a switch and say “ready to go!”

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