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Earthquake Anchoring

By on February 22, 2014

Are you prepared for an earthquake? Beyond water, food and basics, you need to think in terms of “anchoring” so that when the earth moves, your household stuff won’t.

Start with big things like bookcases and file cabinets. “Anchor” them to walls with wire and closed screw eyes, then add “ledge barriers” onto the fronts of shelves. Put heavier items below and anchor flower vases and art pieces with a dab of special earthquake putty on the base. The putty is available at your local hardware store.

Look up overhead, making sure all ceiling lights, chandeliers and suspended ceilings are well-anchored, too.

Install latches on all cabinet doors and drawers to keep things from falling out, should the going get rough. Also fit gas appliances with flexible connections and an automatic gas shut-off device.

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