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Duct Tape: What’s In A Name?

By on December 30, 2013
Duct Tape Rolls

In 1945, American troops landed on Iwo Jima and with them went thousands of rolls of “duck” tape. You’re thinking that we meant “duct” tape. No, then it was called duck tape. During the war, the army needed a strong waterproof tape to keep moisture out of ammo boxes. So, Johnson & Johnson invented one, and because it was waterproof everyone called it duck tape (as in water off a duck’s back). Soon troops were using it for everything from making Jeep repairs to patching leaky tents. Some say it helped win the war. After the war, many soldiers went into construction and army green duck tape went with them. They found it was great for joining duct work and the army green was changed to the silver color we recognize today. Thus duct tape was born.

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