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Doors II: Ins and Outs

By on July 25, 2014

Do you have a door that sticks? It won’t open or close easily? Want to remove and re-hang it? Repair or replace it? In part II of doors, we’ll deal with the ins and outs of removing and re-hanging.

First, have someone help you. So that things will go easier (and with less damage) to walls, the door, knuckles and your back. If you plan to take the lockset hardware off, do so before removing the door; it’s much easier. Then, support the “swing” end of the door with a few wooden shims or folded cardboard.

To keep the door from dropping when you remove the hinge pins, tap them out from the bottom with a long bolt or screwdriver. Remove the bottom pin first, and the top one last. Be ready to catch the door as it comes out. When replacing the door, if hinge barrels won’t line up or easily slip back into place, loosen the screws on one hinge — just a little. It’ll move slightly, and when it’s in place, tighten it up and insert the hinge pin. If more than one binds, repeat the process.

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