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Do It Yourself?

By on January 4, 2014

Weigh benefits versus risk to see if DIY remodel and repair is right for you

Bob Newhart’s second show, in which he played a bumbling how-to-fix-it book author, premiered in 1982. Deciding to put his knowledge to practical use, he and his wife moved into and began renovating the aging Stratford Bed-and-Breakfast Inn. With typical sitcom mayhem, Bob and friends encountered countless do-it-yourself snafus when remodeling — and repairs got out of hand.

To prevent such mirth and merriment at your house (which really isn’t all that funny when it’s your home and your pocketbook), ask yourself a few questions first. “Can I do the work safely?” An accident or injury is not worth it. “Do I have the time?” Homeowners are notorious for underestimating how long projects will take. “What if things go wrong?” Do you have the skill to deal with unforeseen problems? If you don’t, weigh all the benefits and the risks. Then pick up a laugh track; reach for your tools and do it yourself the comedy way.

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