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DIY Statistics & Trends

By on January 4, 2014

What other homeowners are doing and what type of projects are brewing

Planning some home improvements? Wondering what others are up to with regard to projects and cost? Interest rates are at an all-time low and home values are soaring. While many are now buying or refinancing, most are putting a little extra cash in the deal, too, for decorating, remodeling and needed repairs. This causes another boom in these areas, as well. Who’s doing what and where and for how much?

Here are the results of a nationwide phone survey taken just before the “do-not-call” list kicked in. Surveys say 41 percent will be remodeling this year, second only to interior decorating. Thirty-five percent are landscaping and 25 percent will be gardening. Next comes plumbing and exterior repairs at 22 percent. And 16 percent will be adding a room. In an effort to stretch their dollars, three of four plan to do the work themselves. The average budget overall was $3,800, up $1000 from just three years ago.

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