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By on January 4, 2014

Remodeling? Building? Deconstruction should be part of any new construction!

Dallas debuted in 1978, with the Ewing family living and scheming on a sprawling ranch called “Southfork.” April is also “Home Improvement” month, when homeowners start rippin’ out and fixin’ up to make their house a little bigger, a little better, and more like Southfork! But renovation and demolition create lots of waste.

A quarter million homes and fifty thousand businesses will produce 136 million tons of waste this year. That’s about 30 percent of all solid waste in the U.S. (which is overwhelming landfills at a rapid rate!) The solution? Many now practice “deconstruction”, whereby building materials are carefully salvaged to save both money and precious natural resources. Example: a 2,000 square foot wood frame house yields 6,000 board feet of reusable lumber, saving 33 mature trees, the cost of new lumber, and any hauling and disposal fees. So, before you toss anything, consider cost. Deconstruction pays in many ways!

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