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Deck Hi-Tech Answers the Challenge

By on November 10, 2017


A little, weathered and aging 111-year old bungalow, located at 604 Second Street in Old Town Brentwood, California, presented a unique opportunity for Carey Bros. Remodeling to do a total top-to-bottom and inside-out period restoration while also carefully incorporating a number of up-to-the-minute new technologies into the mix – without altering the authentic historic ambiance.

The house is a rather simple 1,177 sq. ft. catalog ordered kit-type structure originally built in a nearby coal and copper mining camp in 1906 – and moved intact to its current location about five years later.

The second-generation homeowners, Robin and Mike McClellan, were extremely interested in incorporating as many of today’s hi-tech products and design concepts as possible, but only while still maintaining the original charm and feel of the historic family residence.

With these marching orders, the Carey Brothers, James and Morris, met the challenge head-on starting at the front door…actually, the front porch.

As was to be expected, the decks of this century old home were severely deteriorated and were in need of replacement. This included a covered front porch that ran the width of the home and a small side landing with an entrance into the kitchen.

While there was no deck in the rear of the home (the popularity of backyard living was still 40-years off until the post-WWII years), there was a small brick porch with steps and a rear entrance to the home. This was completely removed and replaced with a larger deck area and new French Doors were added off the nook and master bathroom with common access to the new deck.

With these three areas slated for new decking, the Carey Bothers began researching manufacturers for products and systems that met multiple criteria and that also included the requirements set forth by the homeowners.

“In addition to being beautiful and tying to the home’s architecture, the decking had to be durable and easy to maintain,” notes James Carey. “It’s what we have required of all the products that we have incorporated into this project – inside and out.”

“Our last home had a large deck that required constant maintenance.  It had to be pressure washed a couple times each year and had to be painted every other year,” stated homeowner, Mike McClellan, “Even then, dry rot set in and resulted in major repairs.”

After reviewing several manufacturers, the answer was found in a unique decking line offered by MoistureShield. “We recommended our Infuse composite decking to Morris and James Carey, as it provides a more natural wood look that will go well with this 100 year old home,” notes Larry Harnish, Marketing Director for MoistureShield, ”Plus, it has a fade and stain warranty the homeowners will love.”

Using hi-tech composite decking was a logical place to start, but adding the many benefits offered by MoistureShield took it to another level. Starting with its exclusive Co-X manufacturing process, MoistureShield Infuse composite decking features an extremely authentic-looking, realistic wood-grain finish, with varied colorations in three dramatic wood tones. For this project, Southern Barnwood (grey) was used.

MoistureShield also earns its name as the only composite decking that can be installed on the ground, in the ground or even underwater without voiding the warranty, and it has remained solid and beautiful in numerous extreme installations, without failure, for over 25-years to-date (and still counting).

“There are very few companies that also offer both composite decking and matching handrail systems,” notes Morris Carey, ”and those offered by MoistureShield are outstanding… added to that, are a variety of low-voltage lighting options that can be used to bring a deck to life… and we used many, from post-mounted down lights and post cap lights, to under rail strip lighting and riser-mounted stair lights.”

“The best part?” Morris adds with a smile, ”The lighting for all three deck areas can be controlled from anywhere in the house with individual hand-held remotes. Now, I ask you… what’s not to love?”

The McClellans agree. “Low voltage lighting is a wonderful bonus that will make our new decks stand-out and that will provide the additional accent and safety lighting needed to make them a great place for relaxing and entertaining.”

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