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Creative Wallscapes – Essential Backdrop for Personalized Room Décor

By on December 12, 2014

Shows how Wagner FLEXiO 590 and 890 paint sprayers can help DIYers create even complex ombré and stenciled wall designs quickly and easily

When designing a room, think of the walls as your canvas – the foundation upon which to anchor the furnishings and accessories that will stamp the space with your personal style.

That’s the advice offered by Stylist Matthew Mead, author of Matthew Mead’s Backyard Style and Holiday with Matthew Mead, to members of the news media during a Wagner Spray Tech-sponsored event held at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn on July 15.

“Walls – and the treatments you choose for them – are critical to bringing your personal design statement and style to life,” he said.  “They are the backdrop for your furniture, art and the personal objects you love.”

And today, advanced paint application tools make it possible to prepare and paint walls quickly and achieve professional results. “What’s great is that we now have the technologies to create original, personalized wallscapes easier and faster than ever, so there’s more time to stretch the imagination in adding other decorating details,” said Mead. “Today, we’ve moved beyond painting to becoming your own design director.”

Citing the Wagner FLEXiO 590 as a tool he uses to create imaginative wallscapes and the FLEXiO 890 for more extensive projects, he said, “I’ve been able to play with color gradation, two-color interplay and graphics – all of which add interest and fun,” said Mead. “There’s no reason to be afraid of spraying. It’s easy and fast – and it’s definitely something even a first-time DIYer can master. The FLEXiO is a good choice for a number of reasons, and especially because it’s lighter weight and quieter than other sprayers, making for a more pleasant experience.”

During the event, Mead revealed four design ideas that illustrate how creative wallscapes provide the foundation of a look: an ombré desk area; a frame stenciled bedroom wall; a dining room décor for holiday entertaining and a backyard sanctuary:

Ombré desk area

Inspired by the graduated tones of a Rothko painting – probably the most famous of ombré designs, the multi-tone wall treatment, achieved with controlled spraying to meld the tones, features a perfect color palette upon which to build your personal design statement. The walls serve as the room’s canvas, perfect for assembling layers of colors, textures and objects, including these repurposed flea market finds, to create intrigue and inspiration.

Frame-stenciled bedroom wall

A graphic stencil frame provides a strong focal point in this bedroom area, but stenciling success depends first on wall preparation – cleaning, smoothing cracks and applying an even, stroke-free layer of paint to complement stencil colors. Nothing helps prepare the walls faster and more professionally than the Wagner FLEXiO 890 paint sprayer. The stencil, inspired by the richly decorative brocades of times past, is given a modern, stylish, DIY look with fresh colors. Here, pattern mixes with color to create a decor that is interesting, yet coordinated, for the eye. Your favorite colors, textures and collectibles can serve as the perfect complement.

Dining room décor for holiday entertaining

Festive, fun and up-styled for holiday entertaining, this dining room décor begins with the walls: They are spray painted evenly with satin paint for a clean, modern feel. A stencil of paper crowns placed at the plate rail adds a festive accent. Taking inspiration from Scandinavian design, the scene is completed with classic red and white furnishings. Satin paint is sprayed quickly – and expertly – to table, chairs and sideboard to create a dressed-down, warm and welcoming style.

Backyard sanctuary

A backyard sanctuary can be created easily and inexpensively with flea-market finds up-styled with paint and color. In this comfortable grouping, the coffee table – its base an oversized aluminum planter –and trellis divider are spray painted with contemporary horizontal designs in teal green and earthy chartreuse – a job easily done with the Wagner FLEXiO 890 sprayer.  Shades of green on the spool table and trellis help draw in the surrounding natural world, while a few bright accents, including bright yellow boat cushions – provide color that embraces summer’s warmth.

“It’s best to consider the walls first and foremost as you design as room,” said Mead.  “Inspiration for wall color and design can come from rugs and collectables but the walls are your creative canvas. And as you decorate, don’t worry:  There are no mistakes.  Decorating is about unleashing your creativity to express your own personal style.”

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