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Counter Culture

By on March 25, 2014

Plastic laminate counter-tops? Not today! Recent buying trends indicate that homeowners are steadily heading another way. Today you’ll learn that there’s a new “counter culture” that’s “solid as a rock” (literally!)

Indeed, propelled in part by lower costs as a result of automation in manufacturing, stone and solid-surface counter sales are booming. In the lead is granite, the most durable stone, which can endure knife cuts, is heat-resistant, and which requires resealing only once a year. Slightly less durable, but still popular, is marble. Marble requires more frequent re-sealing to prevent staining its beautiful natural patterns.

Next, and coming on stronger every day, are the solid-surface man-made materials offered in hundreds of stone-like and solid colors. They are more economical and easy to maintain. Before you instinctively order a new counter made with traditional plastic laminate, check out today’s new “counter culture”! You’ll be glad you did.


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