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Contractor Negotiations

By on March 25, 2014

What is the most common mistake homeowners make when hiring a contractor? They play the lowest-bid game, and it’s an invitation to disaster. Getting bids and finding the right contractor are two entirely different things.

Often, the lowest bid means the cheapest materials and shoddy workmanship. Instead, find a few good and reputable contractors in your area. Carefully check them out, way before getting into the details and pricing of your project. This involves things like character and reputation.

Check out everything from bank references and past customers to the Better Business Bureau, and call the local chapter of the Contractors Association to see if they’re members. Find out if they’re insured. Check out a contractor just as thoroughly as the bank checks you out when you want a loan. We’ve got a Carey Brothers work application form for this purpose, and you can get it free from our Web site. Remember, doing a little homework first means better work on your home later.

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