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Cleaning Your Stove Vent

By on January 3, 2014

Cleaning the range hood keeps your vent working well

Been doing a lot of cooking lately? Been using your kitchen range hood to draw out smoke and excess moisture without removing and cleaning the filter? If it’s been a while since you checked it, or if you never thought about it all, today’s a good day to get it done. Up inside, you’ll find a mesh filter — probably a bit sticky from built-up grease.

Remove it and let it sit in a sink full of hot water and liquid dish detergent. Then scrub both sides with a brush and rinse clean with more hot water. While there, wash out the inside of the hood, too.

An important tip to remember: Lots of folks say putting your filter in the dishwasher gets it nice and clean. This is true, but it leaves a greasy film behind that’s really hard to get off. Besides messing up the dishwasher inside, it can clog the drain lines.

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