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Chips And Cracks Have Never Been So Easy To Fix

By on May 3, 2014
Repairing Concrete Cracks

When “Chips” first appeared on TV, in 1977, it was exciting and a welcome sight, however when “chips” appear in your concrete it’s not so fun and certainly not welcome!

Chips and cracks in drive ways and patios or on walkways and steps or porches only get worse when cold weather sets in and water therein freezes and expands making small cracks even bigger and minor chips turn into humongous pot holes.

The answer, is to patch and fix them early! It’s easier than ever and here’s how: Traditionally minor repairs only required whipping up some “ready-to-mix” concrete patch or vinyl, polymer cement, or epoxy patch material and smoothing it into the surface with a trowel. But things jut got even easier with new products like: PL Polyurethane concrete crack and masonry sealant. No mixing, no tooling, just squeeze the sealant into the crack and you’re done! It’s self-leveling and when dry it looks just like “cured” concrete. So, if you see “chips” don’t get excited, just get busy, the easy way!

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