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Charlie’s Angles on Dishwashers

By on January 3, 2014

Don’t take your dishwasher for granted. (Be a grime fighter!)

John Forsythe, the mystery voice of “Charlie’s Angels,” was born in 1918. For nearly 25 years every show opened with his smoothly delivered “Good morning, Angels.” Now there’s a hit movie and sequel. In part two, Charlie tells the girls “your dishwasher works on and on day after day (just like yours at home) but angels, don’t take it for granted”

With a little TLC, it’ll last far longer. “Sabrina, I want you to remove the front kick plate (to look for water leaks). Spotting trouble early is key here.” (She should vacuum out dust, too — especially around the motor.) “Kelly, check the spray heads inside. If they’re clogged, clean them and soak them in vinegar, if needed.” (Good idea Charlie.) “Jill, check the door gasket and, if it’s hard or cracked, replace it.” (Get one at any appliance parts house.) “Finally ladies, as always, you’re the best grime fighters in the business. Thanks.”

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