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To Caulk Or Not To Caulk

By on March 4, 2014
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I have two caulk questions. My attached garage sits on one course of block around the outer periphery. I repaired the mortar joints about 7 or 8 years ago. I’m noticing some very slight cracks along the edges of the mortar joints (probably .003″ to .006″ as in “a hair or two”). Is there some type of caulk that you would recommend I apply to these cracks or are some of the new aerosol rubber sprays a good idea? Or should I “just let it go to hell” and re-mortar the joints in a few years? Second, I’ve got cedar siding that I’ve used silicone caulk on cracks, divots, etc. The silicone caulk (which is painted over with acrylic latex paint) draws dirt. So wherever there was silicone caulk used, there is a “dirty spot”? What do you recommend for a caulk that won’t do this? Or is the problem with the priming? I used a name brand primer.



Actually, that’s four questions if you include should I let it go to hell. Hairline cracks in mortar can be disguised by rubbing a pasty mixture of cement and water into the cracks with your finger. Sounds like you didn’t use paintable silicone. Next time use polyurethane caulk.

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